How to make money on social | 6 simple ways

How to make money on social | 6 simple ways

How to make money on social media right? There is money in your hobby. Are you looking for how to make money with social media? In this post, I will show you how to make money from social media.

It’s so fantastic to earn from what you love doing. You visit Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and post often waiting for likes and comments. That is fun, I do that too and I earn from social media as well.

Will social media pay me directly?

Facebook will not pay you directly for using social media neither twitter nor Instagram.

People always ask, how can I make money on social media? I guess you frequently ask as well.

Social media are visited by two categories of people; People using social media for marketing and those that use it for pleasure.

Those using it for marketing are those that use social media as a means to make a profit and also boost their business.

This is the category you need to belong to if you want to make money on social media.

The second category of people that use social media (for pleasure) is those that are just addicted to social media just because it is fun and pleasant for socializing.

These are those that will post their good for nothing pictures and check back every ten minutes to check whether people are commenting or liking it.

Please, don’t be in this category, they remain poor and become poorer.

How to make money on social media

Market your skills

If you have valuable digital skills or any other skills, you can use social media as a free place to market yourself.

I believe you have one skill or another that can generate income? Why can’t you use social media as your marketing strategy?

I love visiting social Medias a lot, especially facebook because to me, it is the most interesting and populated social media these days. Though, Instagram is also a great social media platform.

I don’t just chat with friends and waste my time doing things that are less productive.

I’m a talented graphics and website designer, I am not good at coding though, but I can build a responsive website on WordPress content management system. I have been learning HTML and CSS for some time now and I will some be an expert.

For graphics design, I have master CorelDraw and can design super creative graphics.

These are good skill right? I do get customers on social media. You can, as well.

Just recent, I design graphics for a client in which we meet on Facebook.

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Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing has made a ton of people rich in this century.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a process whereby you recommend someone to buy a particular product and you earn a commission from every sale.

It is very simple, Just look for a product you enjoy using, join their affiliate program and start lobbying people to buy the product.

For me, I refer people to buy domain names and hosting plan from a reliable domain registrar and web hosting provider I so much trust.

Once someone buys a domain or web hosting plan with my affiliate link, I will earn 30% of the amount.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t need to create a product by yourself other than promoting someone else product you cherish.

I will advise you to promote information and a digital product like eBooks, software, etc.

But you can also promote a digital product but let be on dropshipping.

Sell your social media account:

If you have a Facebook page, youtube channel, Instagram and Twitter account that has some amount of followers, you can sell it and earn some cash.

There are many people out there looking for social media account to buy, you can just flip it and earn some make money.

If you have any social media account to sell, you can just click here and post it for sale on our listing page. It won’t take your time at all.

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Run Facebook ads for companies:

This is another set of skill; many companies are looking for social media influencers and marketer that can help them run an advert.

You just need to learn more about Facebook ads and experiment also.

Sponsor post:

This is how social media influencers earn a lot of money if you have enough social media followers; you can post content for companies and agencies and get paid.

Become a youtube star

There is this argument that youtube is not social media, but it has been well proven to be social.

Creating a YouTube channel is very simple. You will earn from clicks on your videos even when you are sleeping.

Many YouTubers are now millionaires and you can also turn one as well.

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Social media is fun but I also create earning opportunities for hustler. Social media has made many celebrities and influencers as the number of social media users grows

The social media agency has also turned into a lucrative business in this century.

I have made justice to how to make money on social media and I believe you are now ready to earn from what you love going?

I will like to hear from you,

What is your favorite way to earn on social media? Please comment below.




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