How to make money on Facebook | 6 easy ways

How to make money on Facebook | 6 easy ways

Are you looking for how to make money on Facebook? I believe you will answer yes!

In this article, I will show you some secrets on how to make money from Facebook.

Making money on social media has never been that easy, but I have put this article together to make it easy for you in particular.

Yup, trust me; I am gonna break everything down and make all my points clear.

When it comes to making money on social media, the sky is the limit on how much you can make in a day.

Some influencers make thousands of dollars and more.

However, it determines on the effort you put and how creative and gifted you are.

Though, anybody can make money on Facebook. Consistency also remains the key to success in all things including making money on Facebook.

I visit Facebook often and I believe you also do as well, I don’t visit Facebook for pleasure only, I make money from it. I believe you and do much better.

Facebook is presently the largest social media in the whole world with two billion monthly active users.

It is unfortunate that most people waste their precious time on Facebook without tapping into the profit that is embedded in it.

Making money on Facebook is easy but it may take time only if you don’t build fans/followers yet. It is never too late to build followers though.

Anybody can make money on Facebook, including you just as I said earlier.

Post useful content on a regular basis and watch how followers will start rushing your way.

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As Facebook is concern, you need to have a fan page or group to make more people read you. Just post useful content on your page or group daily and also invite your friend and other Facebook users to like and follow your page or join your group.

Before I dive into the main topic “how to make money on Facebook” in detail, I will like you to know some things others may not tell you.

Facebook is a hub of people with different interests, hobby, and other differences. What am I trying to unveil?

Choosing the right niche is very important. Like your page, group and content/post be about your hobby, what you have interest in and what you really have enough or some experience in.

If you are football fans, post about football, if your hobby is singing, then post about singing tips.

If users know you are passionate and well informed in what they love doing, they will definitely follow you.

Without wasting your time, let us dive in.

How can I make money on Facebook?

Facebook will not pay you for the content you post on the platform just as youtube use to. But there are many ways to make money on Facebook and I will let you know them as you read along.

Not too long ago, I received a message from someone on Facebook for business as I use to receive before.

I’m a creative graphics and web designer and Facebook is where I do sell my skill and make money.

Yea, I call facebook marketing platform and I will explain further when I get that point.

Below are some of the ways you can make money from Facebook but they are not limited to:

How to make money on Facebook

  1. Sell affiliate products
  2. Run facebook ads for companies in your niche
  3. Market your skills
  4. Sell your Facebook page
  5. Earn referral bonus.
  6. Start a social media agency

Now, let us look into them one after the other for proper understanding.

Sell affiliate products

I love this so much, you don’t need to create a product before you can sell and make tons of profit.

Affiliate marketing is becoming so popular in this century as it brings a lot of profit.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of marketing another person’s product and gets som commission from every sale you make.

In Affiliate marketing, you don’t need to have or create a product. All you need to do is to develop marketing strategies and refer others to buy a product.

It is mostly done online by signing up for affiliate program and get your own unique link that will be traceable to know if someone buys a product through your affiliate link

I believe you use some information or digital product on a regular basis; you can sign up for their affiliate program and start earning when someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link.

It is very important to run affiliate marketing for a product you enjoy using.

I will always recommend you run an affiliate program for information or a digital product like ebook, software, etc to avoid shipping.

But if you will like to promote physical products, then let it focus on dropshipping. Because dropshipping products are shipped by the company that produces the product.

For me, I promote domainking, a hosting and domain registrar I trust so much because of their discount, live support, and how reliable they are; to mention but a few.

Once someone buys a domain name or hosting plan using my affiliate link, I will earn 30% of the money.

It is so simple, I will even earn while I’m sleeping if someone buys using my affiliate link.

I believe you can earn from affiliate marketing as well.

Run Facebook ads for companies in your niche

There are many companies out there looking for social media experts to help them in running Facebook advertisements.

How to make money from Facebook ads?

You just need to learn and experiment on how Facebook ads work and how to reach a targeted audience.

Once you become an expert in running Facebook ads, you can market yourself on Facebook and watch how companies rush you to help the run Facebook advertisement.

How you can make money from this right?

Let us assume that a company approaches you to run Facebook ads for their business. If the cost of running Facebook in a day is one thousand dollars, you can charge the one thousand five hundred dollars and take five hundred dollars as your own personal profit.

Market your skills

I do this a lot, and I earn from it.

If you have any valuable skills, you can start marketing yourself for people to reach out to you.

It may be graphics design, freelance writing, website design and a lot more.

How do you make money on Facebook?

As I said earlier, I am a graphics and web designer and I do make money from marketing myself on Facebook.

Facebook is a place you can find potential customers for your valuable skill. If your skill is lucrative enough, they will turn to your customers.

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How can you market your skills?

You can post positive reviews about your brand. For me, I post an attractive graphics photos of my brand and users flock to my inbox.

You can use articles, photos and videos as marketing strategies. Trust me, they work.

Sell your Facebook page

If you already have a Facebook with some like/followers, you can decide to sell it and make money from the little effort you have put to get likes and followers.


How to make money on a Facebook page

There are many people out there willing to buy Facebook pages.

Where can I sell my Facebook page? has made the process simple; this is the purpose of this website.

If you want to buy or sell a social media account, youtube channel, AdSense, old domain name, etc. You can list it for sale on this website.

Are you ready to sell? Click here. It is free to use, fast and secure.

Earn a referral bonus.

There are many websites on the internet that will pay you for recommending people to visit it.

The payment amounts depend on-site and it varies. A website like is an example of this.

Some website keeps to their promise while others don’t. Read reviews about any platform before investing your time on it.

Start a social media agency

As the number of social media users increases every day, social media agency has turned to a lucrative business.

Influencers are making tons of money every day just using social media. I know you will love this.

There are many business owners looking for people to manage their social media pages and updating them.

You can consider this work from home opportunity and gain your financial freedom.

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Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world today. It has created employment for many people to work from home and even earn while they are sleeping.

Though it is possible beyond doubt that social media can make someone rich and wealth but it all takes time, patience, dedication, and creativity to make it.

Nothing good comes easy, but we learn as we go.

We have just considered how to make money on Facebook, the door is open for anyone to earn from Facebook if you implement the ways listed above in this article.

Don’t only use social media for pleasure just as lazy individuals do. Do something productive and start earning what you love doing.

People may ask

Most social media user always looks for how to make easy money on Facebook. I must let you know that it is not that easy, but discipline and determination can take you there.

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