How to get social media followers (Top 10 secret)
how to get social media followers

How to get social media followers (Top 10 secret)

Are you looking for how to get social media followers? Trust me, I get you covered. In this article, I will show your top 10 secrets on how to get social media followers.

Whether you are using social media to grow your brand or using it to socialize/pleasure, getting followers is vital and I will show you how to do that in this article.

Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. You need followers to grow your brand if you really want to boost your sales.

Though many use social media for pleasure, it is important to know that social media is a great place to increase your sales.

Becoming a social media influencer and starting a social media agency is getting more lucrative as social media are getting more crowded and the number of internet users grows.

If you have not found ways to monetize your social media account, then follow this

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how to get social media followers

How to get social media followers

1 Post consistently:

Consistency is the soul of getting more followers. If people are not getting frequent updates from you they will ignore you and lookup for someone else.

You are not the only person in the game. So many people are seriously looking for social media followers just like you.

Always post new things every day and carry everybody along. Make it one day, plenty of vibes.

2. Be a person of value;

If you are really creating value, you will not struggle to get followers. Always post valuable and interesting update.

Create what people are looking for and they will always look up to you for more update. You need to know that creativity also play an important role in this aspect.

Get more information before others and quickly notify your audience about the helpful tips you have gathered.

Let your post add value to someone’s life and they will always like to hear from you. I mostly get followers and even service when I post valuable this on Facebook groups.

3. Focus on the right social media platform:

Choosing the right social media that mirror your talent is very important.

If you are good at posting Amazing pictures and video content, you can consider using Instagram and Pinterest.

If you are really good at posting articles, then consider using facebook and twitter.

Linkedin is also ok for B2B (business to business) contents.

4. Focus on one first:

There is no time to do many things at the same time. It is better you choose one social media platform and grow the followers on it first before attempting others.

Facebook is a good place to start, create a Facebook page and start posting valuable information consistently.

Also, always post about things you are passionate about and things you are good at doing. This will help you to educate your audience and establish authority.

5. Sponsor your post;

this should be the fastest way to get massive followers on social media but it determines on your budget.

You can get your post in front of many social media users that may like your content and therefore start following you.

Sponsoring advertisement can take you from zero to a thousand followers but you must be ready and capable to spend some money.

6. Know your target audience:

You need to know who is interested in your posts, are they sport lovers or students. It is however, good to define your niche. Knowing this will help you to discover how to create engaging posts that the audience will like.

7. Run contest:

Many people like participating in an online contest, I also love that too. While using your page as a space for the contest, you can promise to make the person that brings the highest number of followers the winner.

One of my friends uses this simple hack, now his page Facebook page has over one thousand users. That may be considered little compare to some other social media influencer.

8. Giveaway:

you can use a giveaway gift as a bat for people to follow you. Everyone is interested in free stuff. You can give out gift cards or other interesting stuff that will attract people to follow you.

9. Patience:

Yes, it takes time to build followers. You need to stay motivated and continue even if you are not getting an instant result from your effort.

Nothing good comes easy. You need to exercise patience, patience, and more patience.

I don’t mean you need to stay for years before getting followers but it might take some months determined by the effort you put in.

10. Share your post:

promote your post everywhere, join Facebook groups and share your post. Some may likely read your post and turn to your followers.

I’m not encouraging spamming put you can promote yourself without spamming when your post is important. This method has made a lot of people go viral on social media.

I have been using Facebook mostly in this article because it is likely the most visited and popular social media and also with the highest number of users over the years.


Getting massive social media followers has not been easy. But I have a break down how to get social media followers in this article. I hope you love it.

You need to be creative enough and also be ready to dedicate your time if you really want to grow your social media followers.

All you need is enough time, creativity, consistency and patience.

You will soon be there. Most social influencers started from zero and today, they are heroes, getting thousands and millions of followers.

It takes time to get followers on social media, but it is also ok to buy an existing social media account that has already gotten many followers.

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Which social media are you more active? Leave a comment in the comment box below. don’t forget to join our forum where you can discuss things that matters to you. Click here to join the forum



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