is a free classified website with a simple design for buyers and sellers to meet.

How to sell an item

Selling your items on this website is very easy, just create an account and click start selling in the menu. Fill in your item’s details in the required field and click post advert. Your item will be automatically listed for sale on the home page.
If your item is not bought between 90 days, it will be deleted from our list ad you can renew it for free if you like.
If a buyer is interested in your item, he/she will check the item and click on the contact advertiser and send an instant message to the email address you provided during registration. Always keep checking your email address for messages from buyers

How to buy an item

Once you see any product you like on this website, check it very well and click the contact advertiser then enter your message. The buyer will receive an email message from you and he/she will reply and the transaction will take place between both of you.