Buying a website | 6 benefits over building from scratch

Buying a website | 6 benefits over building from scratch

Are you contemplating whether to buy a website or creating your own from scratch? If yes then this article is mainly for you. I am going to show you the 6 benefits of buying a website than building from scratch. Don’t worry about time, I will be as brief as possible.

In this digital age, believe me; the internet is crowded with lots of websites. As the number of mobile users increases; people are visiting the internet more than before.

Whether you own a business or you want to start your online venture, getting a website is a priority.

Getting a website can help you boost your sales and promote your brand all over the world. Your website represents your business on the internet.

Should I buy an existing website or start my own from scratch?

The right answer will be revealed as you read along. From research and my own personal experience, it is better you buy an existing website.

Google Inc bought that great blogging platform ( The CEO also goes further and bought and today, those websites have turned one of the most visited websites in the world.

6 benefits of buying old website over starting from scratch

Below are those six advantages of buying a website

1. The already established authority will be yours:

When you buy an old website, you are not buying the website alone but you are buying an important thing which is authority. This can be the already relationship that has been created between the website as a brand and the visitors.

It has never being easy to get a brand new website off the ground. It is better you buy a website with already established relationships and authority.

When a new website is launched, no matter how great is the website idea and design; it will lack trust because it has not stood the trial of time and trust.

2. Domain age is important in search engine optimization:

When you lunch a new website, google and other search engine haven’t trust you yet. No matter your effort, other sites that existed before yours will outrank you.

The old website stands the chance of getting high authority when it comes to search engines.

The old website has existed for a long time and will have higher authority than your new website you are trying to start.

3. Backlinks:

Backlink is very vital when you want to rank your website content on the search engine. The more links you get from high authority websites, the more your domain authority increases on the search engine.

This is while is it better to buy an old website. You don’t need to start building backlinks because some websites will have build quality links for the website already.

However, it is better to check and analyze the domain authority, SEO score, spam score and backlinks authority of the website you want to buy before paying for it.

There are many free tools you can use to analyze an entire website before buying it, ubersugest and Ahrefs SEO tool are perfect tool to do this.

4. The traffic:

launching a new website can be very discouraging. Imagine the fact that you are hiring a developer or you design the website by yourself. After launching the website, creating contents and you are expecting visitors for weeks, even months. Getting a visitor to a new website is not that easy.

Instead of waiting for visitors to come to a new website, why can’t you buy an existing website that is already getting steady visitors?

5. The idea is vital:

Getting a feasible website idea can be frustrating. Therefore, it will be better you buy a website that already has a feasible idea.

In this case, let us use google inc as a case study. Google CEO bought not because of buying sake, the website idea is vital. Google also buy not because of the design but the feasible idea.

Getting a new website idea may not be easy, you may consider buying one.

The CEO of Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp because of the valuable idea of connecting people and socializing those websites has.

There are many digital marketers and web designers out there with many valuable website ideas that can fit your needs and do well in the market that is while I created this excellent website ( you are browsing now, to connect the buyer and seller together.

Not only that, but there are also many people willing to buy or sell social media account like youtube channel, Facebook group, and page, twitter; Instagram account, AdSense account, and other digital product. You can check some items that are listed for sale on the home page.

You may be willing to sell one of those things listed above, click here and start selling; it is free to list your items for sale.

6. You can increase the value of the website after buying it:

Let’s go back to google and Facebook CEO. Google bought youtube .com and increase the value of it through responsive design and means of monetization.

Also was bought by google CEO and he increases if value. The value of and increase when Adsense was linked to them. Adsense is now one of the leading advertisement platforms today.

You can also do the same, buy an existing website and increase it value.


The analysis above has made it clear that buying an existing website is better than creating a new one from scratch.

The attempt to consider those 6 benefits of buying old website over starting from scratch has also been justified.

You don’t need to go ahead and create a website, you can just get one from or listing and increase your sales.

I’m not discouraging you from starting a new website but according to my personal research, experience and top internet entrepreneurs like google and Facebook CEO, it is better to buy an old website and increase its value.

What is your opinion on this scenario is better to buy an old website or starting one from scratch? Your personal experience is welcome in the comment box below.


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