Blogging vs youTube channel: Which one make more money?

Blogging vs youTube channel: Which one make more money?

Who makes more money blogger or YouTuber? I know that question is becoming a doubt in your mind. Don’t panic, I get you covered. Blogging vs youTube channel right? I will clear your doubts and give a vivid explanation in this article.

You are not the only person asking this question. Yea, this question has been in the mind of many digital marketers.

In this simple article, I’m going to make you understand the best one to choose among starting a youtube channel or getting your own blog.

Digital marketing is becoming popular every day more and more. Many people are willing to have an online venture, and I guess you are also interested.

Making the right decision is vital in digital marketing that is why you need to know the best one to start between blogging and vblogging. Don’t be carried away, vblogging video-based blogging and this is mostly done on youtube.

Many people have built wealth on youtube likewise many on blogging. Don’t be confused; Youtube and blogging are both capable of making you rich. Just add value to your audience and be consistent.

Let’s take a look at it: youtube is meant for videos, while blogging is for articles. Both youtube channels and blogs are great ways to make money online. You just need to choose wisely based on what you love doing.

Some people are technically good at creating and editing videos, while others are crazy is writing amazing articles.

If you are really good at writing just like me! No, I’m not that good. You can consider starting a blog but if you are good at creating video more than text, then choose youtube.

It is very simple. Know yourself, your strength and passion. Don’t look after the one people said it pays most.

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Yes. Don’t follow the crowd. If your friend tells you that youtube channel is paying more than blogging, evaluate your strength if you don’t have the required skill to run a youtube channel, you will quit after wasting your time and energy without getting subscribers.

Blogging vs YouTube?

The answer is both. Youtube is ok, while blogging is as well.

Though what you will write in one thousand words, a video can summarize it to simple statements but the importance of writing can never be overemphasized.

The point is here. Your niche also determines the right platform. Writing on cooking and receipts is not that easy, it is better you create a youtube channel for that. In fact, once your niche is more practical, you can consider starting a youtube channel. But if your niche is just targeting on self-help and some other article related content, then start a blog.

Should I start youtube channel and blog at once?

It determines by your commitment. If you are chanced enough to do that, you can go ahead. Someone like Neil Patel and other digital marketers are running both youtube channel and blog successfully. You can also do that only if you are capable.

I will always recommend you to start one and grow it first before starting another.

You can start a youtube channel and include a link to your blog to refer traffic to it, many people have been doing that and it helps.

Which one is easier to grow traffic; youtube channel or blog?

Digital marketing is getting more saturated as the competition increase daily. The answer to this question is simple.

No overnight success, nothing good comes easy. Getting traffic to a youtube channel or blog are both very hard. I must tell you.

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To grow a youtube channel or blog, search engine optimization is very important and likewise, great content. Yeap, content is king. Nobody wants to waste time watching or reading uninteresting content.

Nothing good comes easy as I said earlier, you need to be consistent, patient and learn more and more every single day.

Which one can make more money: blogging or youtube channel?

Definitely, yes. You can become rich and even wealthy. But you need to notice the fact that there is no overnight success anywhere. It takes time.

Blogging is not a get rich quick scheme neither youtube channel either. Don’t be deceived. You need to work hard to make it blogging or vblogging.

Passion is a vital thrive that will make you successful. Don’t follow the money, pursue the passion and you will see your passion turning to money.

Most at times, it is better to buy old youtube channels that are already getting some subscribers than starting a new one because people will likely subscribe to a youtube channel because others have already done that.

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If you are willing to buy a youtube account or blog, you can click here or check the home page to find some youtube channel, website and social media account that is listed for sale.


Blogging is great, youtube channel is also well. Blogging vs YouTube channel controversy has turned to an argument between content marketers, but we have considered the answer in this article The right answer determines your niche, skills, and passion.

Youtube is one of the most visited websites in the world but the competition within the creator on it is so high but you can still make it.

Also blogging is turning from quantity to quality game. You need to be good at writing if you are going to succeed in blogging.


However, blogging and vblogging are both great and good. Just follow the best platform that works for you. Don’t follow the crowd.

Don’t follow the crowd, know where you fit in. It is also vital to know that diligence, persistence and discipline are very important for success in this internet age with a lot of competition in digital marketing.

I love helping others and I will as well love to help you in getting answers to any question you may have. Just leave your question in the comment box below and I will make sure I provide the answers to the best of my knowledge.

Moreover, your suggestion is also very important; you are free to give any suggestions in the comment box below.

Blogging vs youtube channel; which one are you willing to start? comment below.

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